XXVIII International Mineral Processing Congress

September 11-15, Québec City Convention Center

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If you are also an author, please use this link for abstract / paper details:


Welcome and thank you for organizing a technical track / symposium for IMPC 2016. We hope you find it a rewarding role!

Organizers (Track Chairs, Session Chairs, Reviewers) login now:

Please feel free to contact the IMPC 2016 Head Quarters (Administration), Ronona Saunders (rsaunders@cim.org), with your questions and concerns.

Guidelines and Platform Instructions

These instructions/guidelines have been prepared as an aid for organizers to:

  • Provide an understanding of the duties that are required
  • Minimize organizational problems
  • Maintain uniformity in quality standards

We’ve developed a series of platform instructions and guidelines to prepare and assist members during their term. The guidelines and platform instructions have been grouped by the three (3) core tasks: 1. Call for Abstracts, 2. Paper Review Process, 3. Onsite Protocol.

Documents include:

  1. Call for Abstracts
    1. Guidelines for Approving Abstracts
    2. Platform Instructions for Reviewing and Approving Abstracts
  2. Paper Review Process (January 1 to March 15)
    1. Guidelines Track / Symposium Leads for Reviewing Papers
    2. Platform Instructions for Track / Symposium Leads for the Paper Review Process
    3. Platform Instructions for Reviewers of Papers
    4. Criteria / Referee Sheet for Reviewers of Papers
  3. Onsite Protocol Details
    1. Stream/Symposium Guidelines
    2. Session Chair Guidelines
It is important that track / symposium organizers do their part to ensure a quality program is presented.